Community Service Massage Team (CSMT)


The Mission of the AMTA-WA Chapter Community Service Massage Team is dedicated to making a positive difference in the health and welfare of the public of WA through the power of compassionate, professional touch offered through the art and science of massage therapy. CSMT provides and supports committed volunteers who uphold standards of excellence to partner with community fundraising, charity outreach events and emergency response events.

CSMT is interested in having team members and leaders in every unit. The CSMT members find the events to be fulfilling in many ways. Not only do they get to network with one another; they get to give back to the community, which in turn warms their hearts and gives them a good feeling.


To participate in fundraising activities for charitable organizations as an expression of its mission to serve the greater good of the community and the massage therapy profession.

To provide opportunities for our members to connect and promote the massage therapy profession in a positive way within their communities through health awareness and community outreach.


Be a leader and resource for massage response in community outreach and as a support to emergency-responders and disaster-afflicted communities.

Create the standard by which massage therapy at community outreach or emergency events is measured.

Promote the profession of massage therapy throughout the community.
Introduce and educate the community about massage by participating at outreach and charitable events.

  • Provide CSMT members with a safe and satisfying opportunity to volunteer.
  • Enhance the personal growth and professional development of AMTA-WA volunteers.
  • Increase public awareness of the massage therapy profession, AMTA-WA therapists, the AMTA locator service and the volunteers’ personal practices as appropriate.
  • Promote the visibility of AMTA-WA and the massage therapy profession.
  • Be aligned with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

CSMT Volunteer

The Community Service Massage Team is looking for leaders and volunteer members in every county of Washington State. The Team will offer massage to raise money for local, community based, non-profit organizations. In this way, AMTA-WA Chapter can reach out and truly help those in need. We will not only raise money for organizations, but the CSMT Emergency Response Division provides massage to first and second responders helping communities affected by disaster. Not only do we extend our compassion, we help introduce massage to those who may never have entertained the idea of getting one.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Community Service Massage Team member for the American Massage Therapy Association – Washington Chapter and for actively participating in your Chapter’s efforts to give back to the community, educate the public about the benefits of massage therapy and to publicize the AMTA-WA Chapter as a resource for finding massage therapists.

Contact CSMT Director Linda Bucher or call 253-312-2243