Report from the AMTA-WA Commission on Candidacy

I am pleased to report that all candidate applications for Officer, Delegate and Alternate Delegate that were received by the February 2 deadline are in good standing, being current AMTA-WA Chapter members and duly licensed massage practitioners in the State of Washington.

  1. Annie LaCroix, candidate for 1st VP
  2. Theresa (Teri) Mayo, candidate for 3rd VP
  3. Susan Cook, candidate for Treasurer
  4. Scott Lesieur, candidate for Delegate
  5. Jeanette Wahl, candidate for Delegate
  6. Esther Greiner, candidate for Alternate Delegate

The AMTA-WA Commission on Candidacy puts forth this slate of candidates for the 2015 Chapter elections.


Patty Phillips
Commission Chair