AMTA WA Government Relations

AMTA-WA has an active Government Relations (GR) committee and lobbyist (Leslie Emerick), committed to serving the massage therapy profession on behalf of all massage therapists in Washington. The
primary role of the GR committee is to work with the lobbyist to identify, monitor, support, testify
and even propose bills during the legislative session.

In addition, the committee identifies gaps or issues in laws, rules, policies, and relationships and works to improve massage therapists’ practices. Thirdly, the committee organizes Massage Legislative Days, and other events to connect massage therapists with key players in the legislative, insurance, and industry leaders to network and discuss important issues.

Open Position: The GR committee is currently (as of 01/01/24) seeking new committee members and a committee leader.

Key requirements:

  • Interest in the government process
  • Experience in any one of the following: leadership, social networking, political networking,
  • organizing events, education, research literacy
  • Skills working with others within a group process
  • Ability to share thoughts and positions, consider others, and work toward consensus

Time committment: During Legislative Session, the committee meets weekly for 30 minutes to an hour with the lobbyist and a person from National GR. This is one to three months depending on bills in progress and the length of the session.

The GR committee will also have someone who regularly attends Board of Massage Meetings and give input to the rules making process and any other issues with the Board of Massage.

The GR committee writes monthly reports on their findings, work and issues.

Once the committee gets rolling we can expand into other projects like dealing with health insurance carriers, city ordinances that help with shutting down the many illicit businesses, working on creating better laws and working to promote the profession in WA State.