2017 AMTA National Convention Recap

In September I had the honor of attending the 2017 American Massage Therapy Association National Convention in Pasadena, CA as the Washington Chapter Meritorious Award recipient, a Chapter Board Member and Chapter Delegate. This was the largest national convention in AMTA history!

While it was exciting to have a dance party with keynote speaker and fitness expert Shaun T and participate in the House of Delegates, I learned a lot about what AMTA has accomplished recently to protect or promote the massage profession.

The AMTA is doing better than ever, 78,000+ members strong and experiencing its most successful year yet. As a non-profit organization that means more resources for you, the member. Part of that success is due to seeking out and listening to member feedback.

Here is what AMTA is doing for you:

  • $475000 in donations to the Massage Therapy Foundation, which “advances the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service. ” Find research
  • Massage therapy is regulated in all but 4 states and there are 26 states that have a dedicated lobbyist looking out for our right to practice
  • AMTA is meeting with the FDA so massage will be regularly recommended by doctors as part of an integrated approach to fight the opioid epidemic.
  • AMTA is fighting a private company who is seeking to restrict massage therapists’ use of the term “trigger point” by filing for a trademark of the term. Sign the petition
  • AMTA has engaged with franchises to improve working conditions for massage therapists. This led to a self-care program which includes a free self-care CE course available to all massage therapists starting Oct 1st.
  • AMTA has been doing well being calls checking in with members affected by the recent storms in the Gulf Coast. Read AMTA latest news
  • The 2017 AMTA House of Delegates voted 119 to 18 to pass the Position Statement proposal: “Massage therapy can provide significant benefit as a component of integrated health care.” The proposal and supporting research will be available on the AMTA website for therapists to distribute to other health care providers and consumers.
  • amtamassage.org/approved_position_statements.html
  • And much more! Read Largest National Convention in AMTA History

Chapter volunteers and members who attend national convention have the opportunity to participate in or observe various meetings or trainings, such as the Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program, Leadership Training breakout sessions, the Board of Directors meeting, the Chapter Presidents Council meeting and the House of Delegates meeting. Plus all the benefits of attending convention, like the exhibit hall, continuing education sessions, pin exchange and networking opportunities.

Allison Hanelt
Board Member

“Did you know?”

According to the 2017 Massage Profession Research Report “Consumers continued to believe in the efficacy of massage as 89% considered massage to be effective in reducing pain and 88% believed massage can be beneficial to health and wellness. Only 27%of consumers considered massage to just be a form of pampering.” The massage profession research report tracks data about the profession including average compensation, hours worked, annual income, massage setting and much, much more. The report is available to members on the website.