2023 National Convention Report

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AMTA National Convention Report from Julie Onofrio, Board Member

Chapter Volunteer Orientation Program (CVOP)

As a new board member, I was invited to attend CVOP training at the AMTA national convention in Phoenix AZ. The 2 day training was jam packed with sessions to teach us a little about how AMTA works and to use the tools that they have available . It started with a short presentation AMTA 101 to provide a little background on AMTA National.  AMTA National consists of 3 Presidents, 9 directors, 51 chapters and the many committees within chapters, and 65 staff members. There are also about 500 volunteers!

The main purpose of the chapters is to hold meetings and conduct the business of the chapter, provide professional and social networking opportunities, organize educational, legislative and community building programs on the state and local levels, provide various means of communication and support activities and programs of the national association.  AMTA is also working on creating more training for each chapter board position. 

There was an excellent presentation on how the Assembly Of Delegates works and hopefully there will be a video made on it to share with everyone.  

The second morning began with opening remarks from Kim Kane-Santos, AMTA President-elect and then a panel with AMTA President’s Panel Christine Bailor-Goodlander, AMTA President, Kim Kane-Santos, AMTA President-elect, Michaele Colizza, AMTA Immediate Past President. They shared some of their personal experiences on how they got to where they are today. 

There is an online community for volunteers called the HUB where we can get information from National like our financial reports and there are discussion boards on various topics. A presentation was given on how to use this online platform.

Meeting leaders from other chapters was very enlightening and helpful.  So many people doing good things. Breakfast was provided along with a daily supply of coffee, tea and water!

Patty Glenn (GR), Summer Meyer President, Julie Onofrio Board Member

AMTA National Board Meeting

The National Board of Directors had a formal meeting and provided reports of the other organizations they support along with ongoing business updates on bylaws, finances and choosing a convention place for 2026.

New leadership: Jeff Flom is now the Chief Executive Officer along with Lisa Stegink (also General Counsel)

Massage Therapy Foundation president Adrienne Asta and Executive Director Gini Ohlso gave a presentation on the Foundations work. AMTA provides funding for the Massage Therapy Foundation.

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Presentation- Dolly Wallace, President and Shelly Johnson, CEO. NCBTMB has created a new database that is in the final testing stages that will allow the NCBTMB to streamline approved provider applications and to store CE certificates. They are using Google and Facebook Ads with special offers for discounted Board Certification offers.  The last offer was very successful  with 470 new applicants to add to their 5610 current Board Certified Massage Therapists. AMTA partially funded the NCBTMB with $381,000. There will be a job task analysis in 2024 and item writing development is ongoing. 

Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation presentation by Dawn Hougue, Executive Director. AMTA provides a grant that covers 50% of the costs for any massage school applying for initial accreditation with COMTA. 

Chapter Lobbying Announcement from James Specker, GR Senior Director.  LLEAD will be retired and replaced with a new legislative advocacy funding program..

Volunteer Engagement Standing Committee requested a review of methods of filling vacancies in National BOD/Chapter Board/Delegate positions. It was approved. Here is an update and a link to provide feedback to the National Board.  https://www.amtamassage.org/about/core-documents/proposed-bylaw-changes/ (members only).

2026 convention proposals were presented by Event Operations Manager, Laura Kozak. After much discussion, it was decided that the 2026 Convention would be in Denver on Aug 20-23. The process of choosing a place for convention is very interesting. The convention committee requests bids from various states and the committee travels to various places to look over venues.  They look at things like cost of travel to locations, cost of food, safety of the city, ease and expense of airports (preferring airline hubs), city features and many other things.  These things are presented to the Board and the Board debates the factors and votes on the location.

Honors and Awards: https://www.amtamassage.org/about/news/national-awards/