Call for Comments on the Potential Health Technologies

To the Washington Health Care Authority

Regarding the call for comments on the potential health technologies topics:

Thank you for reviewing and considering the recommendation of non-pharmacologic therapies for migraines and headaches. I am writing to urge you to recommend massage therapy treatments for migraines and headaches.

Below I have cited 17 research articles published in the past five years demonstrating positive results with migraines/headaches and massage therapy. One study from New Zealand documents the most common conditions seen by massage therapists: migraines/headaches are seen by 99% of massage therapists. I also searched the industry fact sheets from the two largest massage therapy associations who regularly conduct surveys on the use of massage therapy. They do not differentiate conditions, but rather cite general acute and chronic pain as one of the primary reasons for seeking massage therapy, ( and the other cites pain as secondary to stress reduction ( ).

Massage therapy has been found, both anecdotally and in the literature, to reduce pain associated with migraines/headaches, reduce the frequency of headaches, and improve sleep affected by pain associated with migraine/headaches.

Thank you for your consideration,
Diana L Thompson, LMP
2nd Vice President, AMTA-WA

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