Chapter Online Election Coordinator Needed

Position Title: Chapter Online Election Coordinator

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator Allison Hanelt for more information and to apply.
Chapter online election coordinator works with the online election vendor, Chapter Board, and candidates to verify candidate qualifications and facilitate the online election process in accordance with the online elections documents and procedures.
• Must be a Professional Member in good standing.
• Must sign the appropriate AMTA Volunteer Code of Conduct.
• Cannot be a member of the Chapter Board.
• Cannot be a candidate for elected office (Chapter Board or delegate).
The Online election coordinator is given authority through appointment by the Chapter President and approval by the Chapter Board.
Term of Office
Term shall begin upon appointment by Chapter President and Board approval and conclude after online elections are complete and election results are announced.

  1. Contact and work with online election vendor.
  2. Communicate Call for Candidates through chapter communication channels (e.g. website,
    social media, newsletter).
  3. Collect Candidate Applications and inform candidates of receipt.
  4. Verify candidate eligibility in accordance with National Bylaws, Policy and applicable
    Chapter Position Description.
  5. Work with National staff to ensure candidate has signed the appropriate Code of Conduct.
  6. Send candidate information for ballot to online elections vendor.
  7. Obtain election results from online elections vendor.
  8. Provide election results (winners only not vote counts) to Chapter President to be announced at chapter annual meeting.
    Online elections coordinator is prohibited from:
    • Recruiting candidates or contacting members to ask them to run for office during the
    election process
    • After candidates have applied for a position the online elections coordinator may not switch
    candidates to another open position.
    • Providing or announcing the number of votes each candidate received
    Time Commitment
    The time commitment is approximately 90 days and averages 3-5 hours per week during the
    time preparing for and completing the online election process.
    Vacancy and Succession
    In the event of a vacancy, the Chapter President shall appoint, and the Chapter Board shall
    approve a new online election coordinator.
    Removal from Office
    Removal shall occur in accordance with AMTA bylaws and policy.