The Art of Jin Shin: Healing at your Fingertips

April 22, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Date: April 22, 2021 – Thursday
Time: 12pm – 2pm
CE hours: 2
Instructor: Alexis Brink

Title: The Art of Jin Shin: Healing at your Fingertips

Description: The Art of Jin Shin is a Japanese healing modality, a dynamic form of energy medicine that focuses on harmonizing body, mind and spirit. In Jin Shin, we use our hands to ignite our innate life force energy. It is perfect for Massage Therapist, because with our hands, we can learn how to balance our own energy for self-care. We can use Jin Shin to harmonize burn out, hand fatigue, arm and neck pain, and simply promote overall health and wellbeing. In this workshop, we will explore the history and philosophy of The Art of Jin Shin, as well as learn practical, self-help applications. There will also be an opportunity for individualized questions and feedback, so that participants leave with a foundational understanding of this healing practice and a personal self-help routine.

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